Wake Up

you were afraid
to believe the truth
and somehow convinced
that where you were was what you deserved
fighting it all
to show me you’re strong
it made no difference
retreated inside you revealed your wrongs

it’s alright if you stumble
I’ll keep it between you and me
know I won’t tell no other
know you can be yourself with me

you’ve got a heart
to measure one’s worth
with it enticed my
undivided attention to you

I can tell you to look but
cannot make you see
through the window
if you won’t
I can love you so much but
cannot make you feel
like you’re loved no
if you’re cold
I cannot make you realize your blessings alone
but I know that you’ll regret it if you don’t
all around you happiness is happening
wake up, wake up, wake up

at times you made
it seem like you’re hurt
and wanted me there
testing devotion, well I’m concerned

and I can’t pity you
I won’t let you do this to you



trust in me, this much I know
wake up

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