Photo shoot with My Le Nguyen

My Le Nguyen is one of the greatest photographic story tellers I could ever have met.  She captures simple truths from a profound perspective and all with an air of spontaneity and nonchalance.  It’s a fearless approach, demanding experimentation, teasing comfort zones, and promising a lasting impact.

We didn’t know what we’d get with this setup, we just went with it, but looks like circumstance plotted something special for us.  There’s a fascinating aspect to the childhood ritual of bringing home a new toy, waiting to unwrap it, moving its joints and speaking its words.  The textures and smells come back to me so easily and remind me of buying music CDs when I got a bit older,  opening its jewel box and singing its words.  But there’s something primal there too.  Venturing out, capturing what you want, bringing it home to consume and assume what’s inside.

Take a look at My Le’s work at and pay close attention to the galleries TransplantSmall Places of Vietnam, and Black and White Work.



  1. Eliane says:

    such a cool concept

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