Photo shoot with Daniel Boot

In a few words, Daniel Boot is a deeply clever photographer with a sharp eye for finding drama in the ordinary.  Coming from a journalistic background, there’s always a strong sense of iconic imagery in his work.  Every picture is a self-sustained brand full of idealized character and striking presence.  It’s no surprise he’s worked for some very prestigious publications and photographed some highly notable individuals over the years.

Our shoot was nothing short of an adventure with 3 locations spanning ruin, desolation, and salvation.  Changing on the side of the road, breathing in the dandelion spray, we chatted about killer indie music and turning hobbies into careers.  I knew we would have some interesting material from the moment we started, but I had no idea the vision this set portrayed would be so intrinsically tied to my personal story as an artist.

For Dan’s full and illustrious portfolio, take a look at

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