this time is mine
nothing I want instead
no love branded dreamscape
I’ll sleep when i’m dead
I want what i want
and I want it so bad
until I get there, I get no rest
I’ll sleep when I’m dead

the spaces between the lines
won’t say a whole lot
what’s black and white
is sometimes not
and some of these shades of gray
are throwing me off
they keep on, keep on
throwing me off

see I, I’m onto that smile
that’s always in my thoughts
it’s a shot in the dark
but it’s a shot
this game’s played out in my mind
at a million to one
against the odds I still
come out on top

been in the dust, been out in front
no matter what
I’m turning on and turning it up
eleventh hour on the clock
I’m looking up
cuz every turn turns
into another one

I’m looking up and it’s alright cuz everybody knows
magic happens when the hand strikes midnight


the minutes drop right on time
each a stepping stone caught
between what’s below
and the above
there’s some truth to every lie
I’m searching non stop
just keep on, keep on
running, can’t stop

I could run all those miles
I could lose all I’ve got
bear my throne just to fall
back in my spot
I could run all those miles
I could find all I want
only to find that it’s
never enough




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