Live at the Mod Club

Comment below to get on the Vuk Lazar Guest List and get a reduced cover of only $5!


  1. maria stojicic says:

    Yay Vuk!

  2. nadia says:

    yes please! me plus 3
    Cant wait!!!

  3. Zlata says:

    I’m bringing the peeps! So me +8
    Can’t wait!!!!

  4. jacob says:

    What is the limit of people that we can bring? My sister and her friends want to come along. I also have some cousins coming in from out of town. Then my boys are rolling with. So i am guessing around 8.

    Would that be okay?


  5. mya says:

    go VUK!
    CAN’T WAIT!! it’s gonna be a good night.

  6. alex says:

    the wait is over yeeeeaah
    bringing the crew so put me down for 5 plz

  7. Melissa says:

    Alex and I will be there for sure! Can’t wait!

  8. Mikal Minhas says:

    Uh… HECK YEAH! Sign me up!

  9. jtd says:

    yeah man so pumped for this

  10. Ana Popovic says:

    Ana + 4 guests please (Karen, Brenda, Marina, Leo)
    I’m looking forward to it! :))

  11. Robyn says:

    Chrobyn will be there! 2 people for Vuk!! <3

  12. Dami says:

    I’ll be coming with a friend! Can’t wait to see you perform :)

  13. Krystin says:

    I am in, an potentially bringing a friend! Cant wait! :)

  14. Tanja says:

    I’m coming to cheer you on :) Looking forward to it!!!!

  15. maria stojicic says:

    Forgot to put: me + vlad + sharyn + damian.

  16. James T. says:

    yo vuk, I’ll be sure to bring my sexy pants, and a friend

  17. Ana goncalves says:

    Cant wait to see u vukstar! It will be me and Melissa C!

  18. Will C says:

    Go Vuk! Hope to see you tonight!

  19. Brian H says:

    I hope I can make it tonight!

  20. Amy Chen says:

    I should be able to make it tonght! Can’t wait to see it~

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