Highway – Jericho Ismael feat. Vuk Lazar

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Press Release, Exklusive Records (Vidisco)

Exklusive Records is proud to present one of the most promissing tracks for the end of this year. Jericho Ismael invites the great talented singer Vuk Lazar and together they have created “Highway” a really melodic track, super radio friendly and a total dancefloor hit. Includes great remixes from m3DO, Dan Ryan, and Exklusive Records already known producers Cavin Viviano & Jelly For The Babies.


the light sees you in
the light sees you last
this life goes by in a flash
this life, it goes by in a flash

and if life is a highway
the lights that line it
will see that you’re guided
from day one to the very end

(the lights) see the lights flying by
(the lights) just keep on flying by
(the lights) giving me life
(the lights) keep on flying by


  1. Nuhabinia says:

    :D makes me want to go on a long drive. Love these types of tracks and your voice is perfect in it.

  2. Tamara says:

    such a haunting sound i love it

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