Dub Me – Diogo Menasso feat. Vuk Lazar

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Press Release, Exklusive Records (Vidisco)

Probably one of the best tracks yet to be released on Exklusive Records. Ladies and Gentleman please be ready for one of the tunes of the year. Diogo Menasso, Exklusive Records top dj/producer invites Vuk Lazar and together they have created “Dub Me”. A big room anthem, festival kind track with everything a hit needs to become a hit! 2012 has just started and it’s promissing to be very interesting!


let’s forget it all tonight
it’s the only night we have
see what I’m telling you
is live for the moment
let’s enjoy it
forget the past

so feel the music beating harder
deep within your soul
the DJ plays the music
takes you out of control

so leave all things behind
all those that bring you down
now close your eyes
and feel the beat



  1. nass says:

    i wanna go out and party when i hear this song

  2. Adjug says:

    where’s the official video?? Great work :)

  3. dawn says:

    in love with this song!!!

  4. purin says:

    diogo and vuk! we need more

  5. Coreen says:

    my number one summer track :)))))

  6. Allie Tyburski says:

    i wish u lots of success but looks like you don’t really need it hahaha

  7. just me says:

    excellent work on MOS

  8. Jyoti says:

    sooo hype, one of my favorites

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