Bittersweet – Bounce Bro feat. Vuk Lazar

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Press Release, Mental Madness Records

After Bounce Bro (who did Remixes for “Disco Pogo (Wir Drehn´ Ab!)” & “Show Me 10 (Explode 3)” of the Seaside Clubbers), teamed up with VergiLuv and Van Snyder to bring out his first single “Come Dance With Me”, “Bittersweet” is now following together with the Canadian singer & songwriter “Vuk Lazar”, who allready had releases with “Diogo Menasso” and “Steerner”.

With “Bittersweet” comes a bitter & sweet track directly to the dancefloors, that will burn into your brains and will make you sing & dance. The package includes the Original Mix by Bounce Bro and remixes by Gordon & Doyle, MaLu Project, Samman and CrushBoys.


I got a
designer candy wrapper
shiny sugar coated centre
every colour, every flavour
never tasted nothing better
designer candy wrapper
ooey gooey creamy centre
any colour, any flavour
layer after layer just gets better

my mirror takes a double take
and the streets i walk are golden paved
now tell me
don’t you want some of the same
don’t you want a taste
just a little taste


pick me up
take it down
I’m so bittersweet

the angels sing in my parade
and the devil’s wrapped up in red tape
did you hear
there’s a cure for the insane
forget all the pain
forget everything


tasty middle nibble nibble
go straight to the hips for a little
double jiggle when you dip and wiggle
dip and wiggle
at just one taste
I’ll have you addicted forever
and ever ever



  1. Shaliza says:

    I kept hearing this song and now I can’t get enough… Samman remix <3

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