An emerging Canadian artist with a modern style that’s edgy yet euphoric, and always evocative. Vuk’s original compositions and distinctive voice have quickly made waves around the world, landing deals with industry greats like Kontor and Sony. And it’s no surprise, with a passion for exploration and innovation in music, Vuk’s work manages to transcend genre yet stay true to the radio and club sound. He has achieved numerous wins in Indaba Music competitions, placements on digital and terrestrial radio stations across Europe and North America, and a feature in the Facebook app Nightclub City. Recently, two of Vuk’s releases appeared on the renowned Ministry of Sound’s “The Annual: 2012”, Portugal Edition, among other compilations. In 2012, Vuk released 12 singles with three official music videos – one of which he directed as well. In 2013, the video for “Poison Sound” was selected for the exclusive Kontor Youtube channel.

Vuk (right) and his younger brother Damian (left)

Originally from former Yugoslavia, Vuk’s family moved a lot when he was younger. Faced by the threat of a brewing war in the Balkan Region, life became difficult, especially for those of mixed ethnicity. The music that was once a fun part of the household had become a much needed distraction during the long car trips and plane rides that took Vuk’s family across Europe and to Canada before he even turned ten.

Artistically inclined after his mother, Vuk learned songs by ear and would often improvise his own on a cheap synth his dad bought at a market. As rhymes turned to poems turned to songs, Vuk sought to share his craft with family, friends, and eventually more.

It wasn’t until high school, senior year, that his love of composition and sound engineering got a public audience with a politically charged stage production on homelessness. When a song clearance fell through at the last minute, Vuk used his trusty cheap synth to record an original soundtrack. The play, in which he was also a leading actor and co-writer, opened to a great reception from the community and went on to win an award of excellence in the Sears Drama Festival. And ever since, music has been Vuk’s main pursuit.

With over ten years of experience, Vuk Lazar has built a unique brand of electronic soul, contagious melodies, and heartfelt lyrics. It’s a journey of textured harmonies and simple stories well told. It’s a sound that places him in high demand among up-and-coming and established producers alike. Vuk has lent his song writing and vocal talents to such noted artists as Diogo Menasso, Louis Botella, and Gonzalo de la Torre. His songs can be found in the prestigious catalogues of Getty Images, on FM radio around Europe’s biggest cities, and in the pre-nomination round of the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards. Vuk Lazar is ever evolving, promising that what comes next will undoubtedly surprise you.


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    seriously talented guy ;)

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    sooo cute!!!!

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    one of the best artists i heard in a long while! Thumbs up..

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